February 2, 2015
Real Estate Value

Jason Wolf Named 2015 Rising Star of Mutual Funds

"I am truly honored to have received the Rising Star award. Having said that, I am very proud of Third Avenue’s Real Estate Team—my co-Portfolio Managers and our analysts. My colleagues contribute materially to the Team’s efforts, and the Fund’s success is ultimately a testament to the Team.”       -Jason Wolf

Third Avenue Real Estate Value Fund (“TAREX”) seeks long-term capital appreciation by investing in a diversified portfolio of global real estate and real estate-related securities. Our differentiated approach focuses on securities we believe are deeply discounted relative to perceived net asset values and with significant potential for value creation and total return.

  • Seasoned portfolio management team with expertise in real estate securities analysis as well as direct experience in real estate development
  • Expansive opportunity set includes real estate operating companies (REOCs), real estate investment trusts (REITs), real estate-related companies, and also debt securities of real estate companies where we can earn equity-like returns
  • Actively managed, conviction-weighted portfolio with flexible cash levels and hedging where appropriate

Every year, as Fund Action and Fund Directions scout the market for nominees for its mutual fund awards, it looks for up-and-comers who are making strides in the industry. This year, FA and FD, with the industry’s help, has identified a dozen self-starters who’ve risen quickly to further the development of their company or institution and/or advance the industry as a whole. The individuals were nominated by their mentors, peers and colleagues, with additional research and determination of the final list made by FA and FD based on the following criteria:
Leadership in profession, firm and/or industry; Outstanding contributions to innovations, product development, client service, sales and/or -growth in assets or returns; Recognition by the firm and/or industry groups; Active contribution to the broader mutual fund community; Spending fewer than 15 years working in the mutual fund industry; Other quantifiable contributions to profession, firm, clients and/or industry.

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