August 1, 2022
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Third Avenue Joins the FLX Networks Platform

NEW YORK, NY AND AUSTIN, TX — Third Avenue Management LLC (“Third Avenue” or “the Firm”), a U.S.-based investment adviser and leading value investing firm, announced today that it has joined the FLX Networks (“FLX”) platform, the innovative network that modernizes, simplifies, and drives unique engagement between asset managers and financial advisors.

Through partnership with FLX, Third Avenue will benefit from an enhanced ability to communicate with clients and the broader investment community by leveraging FLX’s robust and growing network of members as well as its impressive technology platform. Third Avenue also views its partnership with FLX as very timely given a renewed interest in fundamental value investing strategies within the wealth management community and, in particular, interest in strategies such as Third Avenue’s Global Value, Small-Cap Value, Real Estate Value and International Real Estate, which each offer investors a time-tested, value-oriented, high-active share1 approach that is distinctive within the asset management marketplace.

“We believe that Brian Moran and the FLX team have established a market-leading platform that will enable Third Avenue to reach a broader set of wealth managers in need of value-based investment strategies,” said Erik Kleinbeck, Head of Business Development. “As the landscape around value investing, and active management more generally, continues to evolve, it’s clear that strategic technology and modern means of communications are necessary to enhance engagement and the experience of our clients. We are excited to partner with FLX and their platform, which streamlines this process by harnessing the experience of the many industry veterans comprising the FLX team.”

“Our core mission at FLX has always been to streamline – really to revolutionize – the engagement experience between asset and wealth management firms and advisors,” said Brian Moran, Founder and CEO of FLX Networks. “Our model reflects where the industry is going, not where it’s been. We’re excited to welcome partners like Third Avenue who share this same forward-thinking approach.”

About Third Avenue Management

Third Avenue Management LLC is a New York City-based investment adviser founded in 1986 by legendary investor Martin J. Whitman. For more than 35 years, the Firm has consistently pursued a modern-value approach to investing by focusing on the company’s balance sheet, the value of its underlying assets, the discounted price of its securities, and the ability of the enterprise to increase its corporate net worth over time. Today, the Firm is partnered with Affiliated Managers Group, Inc. and has more than $1.25 billion in assets under management across its four core strategies –Global Value (Nasdaq: TAVFX), Small-Cap (Nasdaq: TASCX), Real Estate (Nasdaq: TAREX), and International Real Estate (Nasdaq: REIFX) – which are available to investors through Mutual Funds, UCITS, Separate Accounts, and Sub-Advisory Arrangements.

About FLX Networks

FLX Networks modernizes, simplifies, and revolutionizes engagement for asset and wealth management firms and financial advisors. FLX community members access thought leadership, investment ideas, business resources, and industry connectivity in one centralized destination, delivering productivity, savings, and growth.

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