October 6, 2022
Small-Cap Value

Third Avenue Small-Cap Value Fund (TASCX): Small Caps Are Having A Large Market Impact

Victor Cunningham, CFA discusses his balance sheet first approach which has protected shareholder capital in these turbulent markets in an interview by Nicole Petallides of TD Ameritrade Network. Key takeaways:

0:15 What’s driving small caps? Speculative activity due to excess liquidity in 2021/2022 period and how our conservative positioning, long-term outlook and focus on well financed companies has paid dividends this year.

1:22 Investment thesis on Tidewater, service provider to oil & gas industry.

2:30 Era of easy money coming to close which should benefit select small-caps.

3:40 Concentration and knowing what you own is vital

4:38 Investment thesis on Washington Mutual and Hamilton Beach Brands

5:50 Outlook for small caps and our fundamental value approach

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