July 12, 2023
Small-Cap Value

Third Avenue Small-Cap Value Fund (TASCX): TDW, BATRA, HBB, UMBF: Stock Picks Amid Deteriorating Small-Cap Indices

Third Avenue Small-Cap Value PM, Vic Cunningham, discusses the extreme bifurcation of valuations in large-caps vs small-caps and the potential for future outsized returns for small-cap value stocks in an interview with Caroline Woods of the TD Ameritrade Network.

Key takeaways:

0:20 Overall the market has performed well over the first half of the year, can this continue?

1:45 What will be the drivers of small-cap returns going forward?

4:02 Investment thesis for Tidewater (TDW)

5:36 Investment thesis for Liberty Braves (BATRA)

7:20 Investment thesis for both Hamilton Beach Brands (HBB) and UMB Financial (UMBF).

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