May 30, 2024
Global Value

Time to invest like a young Buffett in 1999

Elite Investor Matt Fine explains how he’s produced bumper returns by focusing on beaten-up, asset-rich companies and why there are good times ahead for his value-focused approach

Key takeaways include:

  • Aggressive Conservative Fund:  Matt discusses managing a global portfolio with a focus on asset-rich companies, aiming for long-term holdings and maintaining a diversified yet concentrated approach.
  • Value Creation from both Market Resilience and Recovery: The article highlights Fine’s belief in strong balance sheets as a key to surviving crises and capitalizing on post-crisis opportunities, with some examples from his fund’s investments.
  • Differentiated Investment Philosophy: Fine’s investment process is detailed, including his analysis-driven approach and his views on industry cycles, market mispricing, and the significance of company management quality.

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